Online workshop «Shangdi Ritual»

Онлайн-трансляция семинара «Энергетические деньги. Ритуал Шан-ди»
Jie Kong
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Online workshop «Shangdi Ritual»

Date: 17/05/2020

Schedule: 11:00—12:30 (MSK) 

Presenter: Oleg Cherne


Shangdi ritual (上帝 ) is a Daoist ceremony for acquiring wealth. However, it is not about wealth in common sense, but about the consistent development of the following conditions:

  • gaining a state of abundance;
  • finding a state of the balance;
  • expanding the ability for energy storage and conservation.

The Shangdi ritual changes the tonality a person and, as a result, leads to an understanding of energy flows, the accumulation of which gives the perception of what we can consider the energy of money.


True wealth

Wealth is the ability to be focused, sufficient, and robust in terms of energy. Shangdi is the way to redistribute energy flows when it is essential to focus on those streams that charge and generate more potential, more wealth.

The concept of wealth is related to the ratio of internal and external procurement. Without understanding how we can fulfill ourselves from inside, we won’t be able to gain somehting outside.

Wealth is contentment and build-up of energy in the present moment. The ability to cultivate wealth means having an operating system of management, which makes us abundant. It is the law of the Shangdi ritual, the ceremony which activates the process of cultivation of real wealth.


1000 Russian rubles


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    Jie Kong
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