Online workshop «Tantra»

Онлайн-трансляция семинара «Тантра»
Jie Kong
Дата мероприятия:
20/04/2020 — 30/04/2020
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Online workshop «Tantra»  

Date: 20/04/2020 — 30/04/2020
Schedule: 11:30—13:30 (MSK) * 
* On 26th April (Sunday) there is no lecture!
Master: Jie Kong

Tantra denotes a spiritual tradition developed historically in Indo-Tibetan religious system. Today there are many different Tantras, offered by various masters, based on their personal experience with tantric teachings. 

Originally, tantra was strongly associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. But in fact, only those who have achieved profound spiritual transformation can comprehend what tantric tradition is.  

It is essential to mention that while following the path of tantra precautions during uncontrolled mystic experiences or initiations into spiritual development are very important. Given that tantric masters are often in an altered state of consciousness, then what can we demand from their followers?  

Everything that takes us beyond the mundane conventionality can be seen as tantric philosophy. Tantra is about the process and experience, not a static definition and accurate description. Any endeavor to determine what it is or to attach a particular meaning is a failed attempt.  

Tantra, is first and foremost, an experience of profound transformation and not a representation of a particular definition. 

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Feature of the program 

Scheduled topics form one theme; therefore, partial attendance is not possible. 



Anatomy of tantra 

Anatomy of tantra is a concept describing the sacred anatomy of a human body from the point of twelve tonalities. Every system, organ, and part of the body is perceived as a vessel transmitting vibration of sound and its resonance.  

Knowledge about sacred anatomy deepens the understanding of the body, brain, and spirit of a person if practiced regularly.  



Tantric consciousness 

Tantric consciousness is a state of awareness generated by the process of personal transformation. The source of tantric consciousness is arousing and ecstatic force Pe. This energy regulates a specific part of the brain, which is called the Bump of Old Willow. 

Understanding, or at least an having an attempt to, of tantric consciousness allows unlimited growth in terms of the operating system of the brain. Also, activation of this consciousness broadens the spectrum of experiences beyond the limits of the human body. 


Tantra and DNA

Tantra and DNA denotes complex and, at the same time, practical knowledge that combines tantric consciousness and anatomy of tantra. A combination of two disciplines during practice allows us to undergo the opening of the secondary DNA structure and improvement of the standard double helix. 

Tantric consciousness involved in this process provides interaction between different parts of the molecule on the level of energy. A spiral formed on one DNA strand changes then the lifecycle of the cells. It happens because the tonality of the whole body is changing. Then, the tonality of transcription and the synthesis are adjusting accordingly. 

Due to the internal process of DNA change, another form of the organization occurs in the cells. This process happens during practice when we can initiate and achieve an energy shift in the body. In other words, it becomes possible to activate our potential in the fields of higher frequencies. 


Tantra of nutrition

Tantra of nutrition is a field of knowledge about types of nourishment that supports us on the path of inner transformation. We comprehend nutrition as a form of an offering to the body, consciousness, and spirit. The offering includes not only food but everything that has energetic significance for us. 

While practicing Tantra of Nutrition, we perceive it as a ritual and develop the same attitude to everything that nourishes us. Ritualization of our actions, bringing more sacredness into the mundane, allows us to create proper tonality and to strengthen our consciousness. 


Ta Moko tantra

Ta Moko tantra is a field of ancient Maori knowledge focused on the tactile perception of the skin. The Maori introduced the art of Moko, a sacred tattooing ceremony when symbols placed on the body change the tonality of a person. 

The position and type of symbols activate the flow of energy according to the principles of Polynesian and Maori medicine. Sacred symbols for the Maori represent the consciousness of the macro cosmos (Tiki), which predetermines our appearance and life here. 

Maori healers believe that our skin connects us with the world of the breath of spirits. Initially, the Maori were changing the patterns if it was necessary to intensify the energetic effect. But over time, to improve the result, they start to visualize it.  

Ta Moko tantra is an art of decorating and weaving the body with triple lines of moko-kuri , forming a vertical and horizontal cocoon to travel to the world of spirits. 


Tantra of dreaming 

Alchera is the tantra of dreaming, which we can experience with our active awareness. Experiencing dreaming-while being-awake state, we integrate visual, auditory, tactile, and perceptions of taste, which normally we perceive during our night dreams. 

For the Australian Aborigines, Alchera is a natural state of embodying transcendental experiences while connecting to the first energy field. Experiencing Alchera means merging with a tantric space of initial creation. It is a space that produce ether and where ancestors are living according to the mythology of the Aborigines. 


Tenaga Dalam tantra

Tenaga Dalam tantra denotes a tantric tradition origin of which is similar to tantric Buddhism. The difference is that animism forms a basis for Tenaga Dalam discipline compared to the dominating elements of Buddhism in the other. Primarily, this type of tantra improves the physical condition of a person, transforms and develops energy field of the body, initiates hidden power of tenaga dalam through the development of bioelectricity. Mystical breathing techniques focus at the revitalization of the body systems and biofield, and help to connect with personal spirit and external energies. 


Tantra of spirit

Tantra of spirit may sound complicated and esoteric, while in reality, it is a practical discipline. The knowledge of personal code forms a foundation for this tantra. In Daoist tradition, transformation of the individual code is an essential component of practical knowledge that allows us to comprehend  our prenatal nature. 



Vajra tantra

Vajrayana tantra is a practical path, the success of which is determined by the result. The one who attains it will unite with the truth. Speaking about this tantra without concrete action is like trying to define emptiness. However, you should bear in mind that Vajrayana is a practice aimed at the constant transformation of itself, giving it prominent and even unique position among other spiritual traditions.  


Prerequisite for participation 

  • Subscription to the Telegram channel Alchemy is recommended for tuning to the program. 


9000 Russian Rubles. 

How to participate 


  • Мероприятия
  • Ведущий
    Jie Kong
  • Дата мероприятия
    20/04/2020 — 30/04/2020
  • Тип мероприятия
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